Yoga asana,Yoga kriya and Ayurveda remedy for Eosinophilia.
Yoga asana,Yoga kriya and Ayurveda remedy for Eosinophilia.

Eosinophilia is a medical term used when there is an increasing number of count of Eosinophils. Before talking about Eosinophilia, we need to know about Eosinophils a type of white blood cells.  Eosinophils are produced in the bone marrow.
Eosinophils attack and kill parasites, destroy cancer cells and help with allergic responses. Since they attack and kill parasites, eosinophils count increases in many diseases.

As Eosinophils, the function is to attack and kill parasites, an exact cause of eosinophilia remains largely unclear. Many disease conditions like asthma, filaria, bronchial allergies, hay fever to parasitic infections in intestinal, autoimmune diseases, skin diseases and certain forms of cancer are some known conditions that increase the high amount of Eosinophils.

Symptoms of Eosinophilia

If Eosinophilia is caused by asthma then symptoms like
•          difficulty in breathing(dyspnea)
If Eosinophilia is caused by intestinal parasite infection then symptoms like
•          abdominal pain or distention
The most common symptoms for Eosinophilia are respiratory problems.  If it is caused by skin disorders, then we can see skin rashes also.

Prevention of Eosinophilia

If the Eosinophils count is increasing in your blood count, then one should avoid the following:
•          Milk and milk products like curd, butter. Make sure you supplement with other food items otherwise you may become a victim of malnutrition

General Medical Treatment of Eosinophilia

If Asthma causes it, then one should undergo the treatment for that disease. If it caused by worms in the intestine, then it can be cured by taking medicines to remove the infections. If  Filaria then treatment to cure Filaria should be made. In severe forms of eosinophilia, where vital organs (e.g. the heart and lungs) are affected, more aggressive drug regimens are used, including chemotherapeutic agents and anticoagulant therapy. Surgery may be necessary to restore the function of affected organs.

Yoga asana and yoga kriya for  Eosinophilia

Doing Ajna chakra kriya is also useful in curing Eosinophilia.

Ayurveda Remedy  for Eosinophilia

Take trikata choornam 90 gms, Bharangi root choornam 30 gm and Kantakari choornam 30 gm. Combine all three choornam .
Take 3gms of the choornam daily twice mixed with honey. This combination of three choornam helps in curing Eosinophilia.

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