Sexual Problems – Ayurvedic Remedies


Sexual Impotence
In the new world, sex is regarded as a basic instinct like hunger. Sexual activity demands concentration and relaxation. It may not be performed in haste and tension. Individual who
are usually tense and over-occupied can’t follow these norms. Many people, therefore, suffer from erectile dysfunctions. One of the common male sexual dysfunction is impotence.
Symptoms of Impotence
Impotence is three types. The primary impotence is When the man has erectile dysfunction from the very beginning of sexual activity, or he simply can not have an erection. It is a rare manifestation of the problem.

Secondary impotence is one of the most common and this implies that the man can normally attain an erection but fails in between normal activity.

The third type of impotence  is associated with age and is a
continuous and severe type with poor prognosis.
Causes For Impotence
The erection is a result of erotic excitement, intact nervous pathways and adequate hormonal functioning, the pathological causes of impotence are various.

It can occur as a consequence of a psychological illness like depression, which lowers both sexual drive and erectile function, weakness, overuse of alcohol, the therapeutic use of oestrogens, paralysis of parasympathetic nerves by drugs or permanent damage to them and diabetes.

Other leading causes of impotence are abuse or misuse of the original organism over a long period, and a revitalised the condition of the system in general. The central problem of natural impotence is the apprehension created by failure which generates a good deal of anxiety for the next time round regarding the likelihood of failure.

If, in fact, intercourse is attempted again and the same failure results, then a vicious circle is established. The anxiety of failure is developed as an anticipatory reflex which in turn impairs the capacity of the penis.
Natural Home Remedies For Impotence

Taking of drugs or so called “Modern medicines” in the case of impotence is not only useless but dangerous. Diet plays a significant role in these conditions. To begin with, you should adopt an exclusive fresh fruit diet from five to seven days. In this regimen, you can have three meals a day, at five hourly intervals, of fresh juicy fruits such as grapes, oranges, pears, peaches, pineapple, apples and melon. Your bowels should be cleansed daily during this period with a warm-water enema. 

After the all-fruit diet, you may gradually embark upon a planned diet of seeds, nuts and grains, vegetables and fruits, with generous use of special health rejuvenative foods like whey, soured milks, especially made from goat’s milk, millet, garlic, honey, cold-pressed vegetable oils and brewer’s yeast. You should avoid smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee and

all processed, canned, refined and denatured foods, Particularly white sugar and white flour and products made from them. Certain foods are considered highly helpful in the treatment of impotence.


The important home remedy is garlic. It is a natural and harmless aphrodisiac. According to Dr Robinson, an eminent sexologist of America,garlic has a pronounced aphrodisiac effect. It is a wonderful tonic for loss of sexual power from any cause and for impotence resulting from sexual overindulgence and nervous exhaustion.

Onion is also important aphrodisiac food. It stands next to garlic. It increases libido and strengthens the reproductory organs. The white variety of onion, is however, more efficient for this purpose.

Carrot is considered useful in the treatment of impotence. For better results, carrot should be taken with a half-boiled egg dipped in one tablespoonful of honey once daily for one month. This recipe increases sexual stamina by releasing sex hormones and strengthens the sexual plexus. This is the for the reason that carrot halwa, prepared according to Unani specifications is also considered a sufficient  tonic to improve sexual strength.

Lady’s finger
The lady’s finger is also an excellent tonic for improving sexual vigour. It has been written in ancient Indian literature that the individual who takes 5 to 10 grms of root powder of this vegetable with milk and ‘misri’ daily will never lose sexual vigour.


Dried dates, known as chhuhara in the vernacular, is a profoundly strengthening food. Pounded and mixed with almonds, pistachio nuts and quince seeds, it forms an efficient remedy for increasing sexual power.

Black grapes are also helpful for restoration of sexual vigour. It should be boiled with milk after washing it thoroughly with tepid water. It will make it swollen and sweet. Eating of such grapes should be followed by the use of milk. Starting with thirty grams of raising with
200 ml. of milk, 3 times daily, the quantity of raising should be gradually increased to fifty grams each time.

A vigorous massage all over the body is highly useful in the treatment of impotence as it will revive the muscular vigour which is essential for nervous energy.

Hip Bath

The nerves of the genital organs are controlled by the pelvic region. Therefore a cold hip bath for 10 minutes in the morning or evening will be useful.

A sincere effort should be taken to build up the overall health level to the highest degree and fresh air, and outdoor exercise are essential to the proper result of the treatment.


Yogasanas such as dhanurasana, Sarvangasana and halasana are also highly beneficial.
The scheme of treatment outlined above will go a long way in restoring sexual vigour, but of course, the results achieved will depend upon the age and condition of the sufferer. Longstanding cases will obviously not get such good results from the treatment as comparatively early cases, and younger men will naturally tend to do better than older men.
Where the trouble is of psychological origin, treatment should be just the same, but in these
cases, advice from a qualified psychotherapist would be desirable. The patient also requires
gentle handling by a willing partner.

Bengal gram

Flour of the puffed Bengal gram is a very nutritive food and an effective remedy for impotence and premature ejaculation. For better results, two tablespoonfuls of this flour should be mixed with sugar, powdered dates and skimmed milk powder. It can be packed in airtight tins and used when required.

Black gram

Black gram dhal soaked in water for about six hours and then fried in pure cow’s ghee, after draining the water is an excellent sex tonic. It can be used with wheat bread and honey with highly beneficial results in functional impotency, premature ejaculation, and thinness of the semen.


Almonds are very useful in case of loss of sexual energy which usually results from nervous debility and brain weakness. Their regular use will strengthen sexual power. Chewing of an equal quantity of almond kernels and roasted gram also help in restoring sexual vigor.

Bishop’s weed is created with aphrodisiac properties and hence beneficial in the treatment of sexual debility. The seeds of this plant combined with a kernel of tamarind seeds make very effective sex tonic.
How to prepare this medicine:
Bishop’s weed and tamarind seeds in equal quantities fried in pure ghee, powered and preserved in airtight containers. A teaspoon of this powder mixed this a tablespoon of honey should be taken daily with milk before retiring. It will increase virility and cure premature ejaculation. This Ayurveda remedy is far more effective than many costly medicines. Moreover, it enables the semen to impregnate the women by the production of spermatozoa in it. The use of this remedy will also bless the person with a  healthy child.

This single remedy will cure sexual impotence .

How to prepare the recipe

Asafoetida is most powerful sex stimulating food.

  1. Take six centigrams of Asafoetida and fried it in ghee.
  2. Add one teaspoon of honey and fresh latex banyan tree.
  3. This mixture should be taken daily before sunrise for forty days.

This will help to overcome sexual impotence and also good medicine for spermatorrhoea and premature ejaculation.

In Ayurvedic treatments, black raisins are used for restoration of sexual vigour. In this type of problems, you can use black raisins as a remedy.

1. Take few black raisins and boil it in milk.

2. This will make them swollen and sweet.

3. Eat this raisin along with milk.

4. Starting with 30 grams of raisins with 200 ml of milk. three times daily. The quantity of raisins should be gradually increased to 50 grams each time.

Mudra for sexual weakness:

Mudra is part of holistic healing such as Ayurveda and Yoga. It is very useful and easy to practice, that anyone can do at any time, and you do not need any experience to do it. Thirty to forty-five minutes of exercise are enough to get a good result. To learn more about these mudras, click on the links.

Before practicing mudras, it is very important to find your ayurvedic body type. To find your ayurvedic body type, follow this link.

Linga Mudra

Mudra for sexual weakness:

Prithvi-vardhak or Prithvi mudrā

Mudra for sexual weakness:

Kapha-Kaarak or Pitta-naashak mudrā

Mudra for sexual weakness:

The Science Behind Sexual Orientation

the science behind sexual orientation

Have you ever wondered why people are attracted to each other? Why are some people drawn to the opposite sex and others aren’t?

It’s all biological. In 2014, it was confirmed by research that same-sex oriented men had a connection a particular chromosomal region, Sort of like the findings posted back in 1990 bringing about the “gay gene.” Evidence points towards the existence of a complex interaction between genes and the environment making this sexual orientation heritable. Not one’s choice. The Academy Of Science South Africa has released these findings; this was done by a panel to evaluate all research done on this subject in the past fifty years. This was done because of a large number of laws coming about in Africa that discriminate against people attracted to others of the same sex.

Existing research

After looking over several different scientific studies with many different focusing areas they have concluded that Homosexuality is both caused by heritable and environmental components combined. It has been shown in studies that homosexual men often have older brothers than heterosexual men. Homosexual men are also more likely to have brothers and sisters who are homosexual as well. It has also been shown that lesbian have more lesbian sisters than heterosexual women.

Identical twins inherit the same genes, so studies done on them is imperative in proving this knowledge to be true. Studies show that homosexuality is more common in identical twins than non-identical twins, Thus proving that it can be inherited.

Important factors

Epigenetics relate to the influence of environmental factors on genes either while in the uterus or after the birth of the baby. Epi-marks are usually erased from generation to generation. Usually, all females have two X-chromosomes one of which is inactive, switched off. This is done in a random manner. It has been noticed that in women who have homosexual sons that there is a skewing inactivity of these X-chromosomes. The same chromosome is inactive in these mothers. That suggests that this may be part of what determines one’s sexual orientation.

Environmental factors also play a key role in this, the same way they do with birth defects. They can have an impact on DNA, things like drugs, chemicals, toxins. They can leave their epi-marks.


Same-sex relationships are said to create a ‘Darwinian paradox’ because they don’t contribute to the human reproduction. This posits that they would be selected against because they don’t contribute to the continuation of the species. If this were correct the same-sex couples would decrease and disappear with time but they have not.

It has been found that for future study will show the sexual orientation is biologically determined. There is nothing we can do to change it.