Piles or haemorrhoids are a threatening and painful disease. A major portion of my readers is suffering from this problem. To give them relief from their painful situation today I come up with this post” Ayurvedic treatment for piles”.

In this post” Ayurvedic treatment for piles” You will get the information about, what are the causes for piles according to Ayurveda, Ayurvedic home remedies for piles, mudras for piles, Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet for piles.

Causes for piles

According to Ayurveda, piles or haemorrhoids are caused by constipation. Many people do not realise this fact. Often when they have some kind of growth in annal cannal which is called haemorroids or piles. normally they  treat it local level and they apply some cream. sometimes they will take some special kind of tablets  to subsides the symptoms.Often doctors might suggest also that you better  go of a surgery.In Ayurveda, we always try to look for the root cause for hemorroids or piles. The root cause of  bleeding or non-bleeding  piles is constipation.Constipation means when you are not  able to clean your bowels, at least, ones in twenty-four hours. When you are not able to do bowel moments  the waste  gets deposited in the rectal area. That is which causes inflammation in the annal membrane.This will lead to  some kind of polyps they appear  which are called haemorrhoids. If you want to get rid of this problem it is very very important you must make sure that every morning you must clear your bowel, your stomach should be clean and you should not have constipation.

Ayurvedic treatment for piles or haemorrhoids

In Ayurvedic treatment for piles, we suggest the use of Triphala. It is a very nice formula which is not a very strong laxative. It is not a strong laxative that will make some kind of weakness in the intestine, but its very simple formula that helps to clear the bowels. Also at the  same time it supports the colon. It gives strength to the colon so Triphala can be taken by anybody. It should be taken at night one teaspoonful of Triphala with warm water or warm milk.It  is very much useful, especially those are prone to develop this hemorrhoid or piles.

The important thing is  if you have a bleeding pile then you should always make sure not taking anything which is heating the body. like hot spices, chillies, fried foods,non-vegetarian foods, foods which contain some kind of heating ingridients like alcohol, smoking, black tea, coffee, Anything which creates heat, acidic, lot of acidic foods, sour things, yoghurts, dhahi, or any kind of foods which are sour in taste.If you have bleeding piles then an alkaline diet will  help you instantly.

Ayurvedic home remedies for piles

In Ayurveda, we  use  nice home remedies. These  are used in thousands of people in our practice.

Coconut is one of the best home remedies for piles. When you buy coconut from the shop, in outer surface  of coconut you can see a hair like substance. You take this hair you burn them to ashes.This ash you whould keep in a bottle. If you have bleeding  piles take about half teaspoon of this ash and take it three times in a day with water.Then within one or two days you will see that bleeding stops.

Also, in case of bleeding piles home made white butter is useful. White butter can be taken in empty stomach so these is primerly how you can take care of piles or haemorroids.It is difineitely is a very very difficult problem and in Ayurveda it is called Arsha. It tkes your life, it cause struggle to you like an enemy, An enemy constantly biting you .

Mudras for piles

Mudras are also a part of Ayurvedic treatment for piles. It is very effective and anyone can do it anytime. Just forty-five minutes of practice is enough to get good results. To know more about these mudras click on the links.

Prithvi mudrā 

 Apaan- vaayu mudrā

Apaan mudrā

That is what “Ayurvedic treatment for pile or Arsh or hemorroes”If you keep your  stomach clean, don’t let your system deposites some toxins or waste especially the rectum area.Then you will never have the peoblem of piles so keep the stiomach clean be healthy and happy.

Yoga Asana For Piles

Fish pose, Headstand pose, Plough pose, Shoulder stand pose, all these poses are very much useful to overcome the problems of piles.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids:

Constipation is one of  the major causes for hemorrhoids. Reducing chronic constipation will help you to get rid of hemorrhoids.
1. An all fruit juice fasting will help you to over come chronic constipation. This will give rest to your digestive tract and helps to clean the system. 3 to 7 days all fruit diet is very much beneficial in this condition.

2.Dry figs is one of the important natural food  remedy for hemorrhoids.

How to use dry figs as natural remedy for hemorrhoids:

Take three to four figs and clean it in hot water. After that soaked it in water for 12 hour and take it in the morning along with the water which they soaked.  It is better you take it regularly for 30 to 45 days to get maximum results.

The tiny seeds of the fruit posses an excellent quality of stimulating peristaltic movements of intestines .This facilitates easy evacuation of feces and keeps the alimentary canal clean. The pressure on the anus having thus been relieved, the hemorrhoids also get contracted.

  1. Mango seeds are one of the best natural remedy for bleeding hemorrhoids. Mango seed dried in shade and powdered. You may use it with or with out honey. Every day two teaspoon of mango seed powder is enough to get rid of bleeding hemorrhoids.

4. Jambul fruit is another effective natural remedy for bleeding hemorrhoids. The Jambul fruit should be taken with water in every morning for two to three-month to get rid of bleeding hemorrhoids.

  1. White radish is considered one of the effective remedies for hemorrhoids. Grated radish mixed with honey has taken as medicine for hemorrhoids.  You may take this vegetable in the form of juice with a pinch of salt.

These are  the most effective natural remedies for hemorrhoids. Here is few health tips that will help you to cure hemorrhoids naturally.

  1. You should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

2.You should avoid straining to pass stool.

3.It is better you clean your rectum with cold water every day.

4.Exercise will help you to tone up the entire system.

5.Abdominal exercise are very much beneficial to over come hemorrhoids.

  1. Practicing yoga is one of the best way to improve general health

Herbal treatment for piles

1.Mango seeds are an effective remedy for bleeding piles.Mango seeds dried and powdered and give a dosage of two grams with or without honey.

2.Jambul fruit taken with salt is very useful for bleeding piles.

3. Grated radish mixed with honey or juice mixed with a pinch of salt. White radish well grinds into a paste in milk can also beneficially applied over inflamed piles masses to relieve pain and swelling.

4.The patient should drink 8 or 9 glass of water every day.And cold water treatment helps the veins to shrink and tones up their walls.

There are many other alternative treatments are available I will post it later post

Fish pose, Headstand pose, Plough Pose, Shoulder Stand pose, all these poses are very much useful to overcome the problems of piles.

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