Everyone prefers modern medication over Ayurveda is the instant results. Most of you have been in the perception that Ayurveda is a good healer, but takes longer to heal.

modern Ayurveda

In the past, I also used to prefer the modern medications over Ayurveda. But at some point, I was able to feel the dependency and the side-effects these drugs have put in me. I had to take extra dosage every time the disease came back. There was a phase, where the medications had no real effect on me, and I had to suffer. It all came to an end; the suffering was gone, and the dependency was nowhere to be seen when I jumped to Ayurveda!


Later, I did a lot of research on alternative and safe remedies and found Ayurveda to be the best among all. I have learned that even Ayurveda has herbs that give instant relief. I have started using them, and I never looked back to the modern medications. I have gained knowledge of many Ayurvedic herbs, their importance which treats many diseases and enhances the life. You will surely be glad and thankful to the remedies that I am going to share on this blog.


The times have changed. I am going to give you information on home remedies and herbs that give you immediate effect as modern medicines. All these include the same ancient and natural herbs but with a better way to use them to get the faster results.


The one thing that comes to the mind when you hear the word, Ayurveda is ancient India and holiness. Yes, it is true. Techniques in Ayurveda are as holy and as soothing as the name itself. The most lovable factor of Ayurveda is its effect which brings body, mind, and soul into harmony.


History of Ayurveda


Ayurveda, the oldest form of medicine known to man. Ayurveda is rooted in the ancient Indian civilization. With its origins in 3000 BC, it is older than most of the cultures in the world. In modern India, it is still a part of household remedies for many common diseases and also a big part of healthy diet.


The scriptures of Ayurveda are in Vedas. The meaning of Ayurveda is Science of Life.


The great rishis and seers brought Ayurveda into life through years of meditation and mastering the plants, human body, and mind. It has all the aspects which cover the core concepts of human, consciousness and all the elements on earth. With such greater understanding, it takes not only treats the person but enhances the life and takes the consciousness to the better stage.


There are interesting instances in Ancient Indian scriptures where the usage of herbs and techniques are too deep in comparison to the modern medicines.


One great and the well-known is Sanjeevani parvat which was bought by Hanuman to save Laxmana. Laxmana was dead and after giving him the Sanjeevani herbs he was brought back to life.

Many types of research were conducted on this herb, and they found fascinating things about Sanjeevani herb. One of the studies states that Sanjeevani herb contains compounds that promote cell growth and can protect from biological damage.


Another such example of the birth of Kauravas clearly shows that it was beyond modern medical science. Vyasa Rishi granted Gandhari when she wished for children/pregnancy. But after two years of pregnancy, she was only able to give a lump of flesh. Vyasa Rishi later came back and cut the flesh into hundred and one pieces and put them each in different jars filled with ghee. Two years later, the jars slowly opened one by one giving birth to babies.


This example might not signify Ayurveda. But, it demonstrates the intelligence and the knowledge existed in ancient India and Vedas, which birthed Ayurveda.


But, what makes Ayurveda stand tall among other methods of treatment? What is that thing in Ayurveda which makes it so unique in the modern world? You can ask yourself these questions. After reading this article, you will at least try it once and soon you will suggest it to all your friends.


Ayurvedic approach to treatment


At the base, Ayurveda focuses on bringing into harmony all the three parts of the human. They are mind, body, and soul.  The procedures and methods to enhance the life in Ayurveda are way more and beyond comparison to the modern medicine. The practitioners use Ayurveda as a form of prayer and also an embodiment of God. Such holy is the divine Ayurveda.


A holistic approach is a method which focuses on developing and enhancing the life of a person. Ayurveda is one of the best and suitable methods of holistic healing. All the techniques in Ayurveda focus on improving the individual’s health rather than just curing the disease.


Please refer the following article for more information on Holistic healing of Ayurveda:


Ayurveda- A Holistic Treatment


You may wonder, why am I starting this blog? What would I get and what would you get from reading and following this blog?



The current lifestyle and environmental conditions are probably the worse. The psychology and mental states of humans are regressing days by day. The pressure from working conditions, the personal lives and unable to cope with the self. The environment is prone to many pollutants from industrial wastes, the current products, automobiles and chemicals that are used in the growing vegetables. Even the pharmaceutical industries, which are to heal and better the humanity has many loopholes within. They use dangerous chemicals and let the waste onto the earth.


The most faulty things are the medicines itself. There are many documented types of research where it clearly shows the evil side of the modern pharmaceutical companies and their drugs. They rather than removing the disease, create dependency. Also, there are numerous other side-effects which these medicines bring to humanity. I will cover all the negative sides of modern in a different article with complete information very soon!


These are all cancerous to the society. These not only affect the self but also damage the society from within.


You all want to have a better society with peaceful living conditions. You all want to smile and spread the smiles around. But, when our body and mind itself are not supporting, you can’t do anything but watch it burn.


Is there any way to overcome all these? Is there a way to better the living conditions of yourself and the people around us?


Ayurveda is the best solution which could help us achieve it. Yes, with Ayurveda we can live in a better and a peaceful environment. It is all because of the holistic approach of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda has a distinctive approach to healing. It knows the core complex and complicated biological concepts of the human body. Besides, it has excellent knowledge of deep conscious acts of the human body.




According to Ayurveda the five elements air, water, fire, earth, and space are the primary constituents of the human body. These five elements combine in different ratios and give rise to three primary life force energies or doshas. They are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These are responsible for the physical and psychological aspects of body and mind. Each dosha functions by their elements. These doshas describe human body movements, support, transformation, and growth.


Vata- Air and Space


Vata facilitates all the movements in body and mind. It is responsible for pulsation of the heart, blood flow, muscle contractions, elimination of wastes, blood flow, breathing, the mobility of cells, movements of tissues, and thoughts in mind. Dry, light, rough, mobile, subtle, cold, and clear are the qualities of Vata.



Pitta- Fire and water


Pitta regulates metabolism, intelligence, understanding, nutrition, and transformation in body and mind. It controls digestion, metabolizing sensory perceptions, knowing the right and wrong. It governs digestive fires or agents in the body. The qualities of Pitta are subtle, oily, liquid, sharp, and hot.



Kapha-Earth and water


Kapha is responsible for structure and solidity and gives cohesiveness to maintain the form. It hydrates the cells, moisturizes skin, lubricates the joints, moisturizes the skin and balances immunity. The characteristics of Kapha are cool, smooth, oily, dense, stable, cloudy, gross and soft.



Everyone has a different combination of these three diseases. One of the three doshas comprise the core aspect of the body, while the other are doshas are in smaller amounts. Every dosha has particular responsibility for both body and mind.


According to Ayurveda, sickness takes over the body when the doshas go out of balance. As mentioned earlier, the causes of imbalance of doshas are the lifestyle, environmental and sometimes heredity issues.


Ayurveda treatment involves the balancing of doshas rather than just removing the disease. When the doshas are in the balance, the body is not only free of diseases but even the mind and body function at their optimum. The Ayurvedic methods contain natural herbs for medications and diet, physical practices like yoga and mental practices like meditation. Even sometimes


P.S., Sometimes I wonder, was the guy who put forth the word medication was doing meditation. Just a thought!


The Ayurvedic medicines and food for treatment and lifestyles depend on the type of the body. For example, fatty and sweet foods increase Kapha and decrease Vata and Pitta.


Please click the below link to find and have a complete understanding of your body type:


Find Your Ayurveda Prakruti:vata,pita and Kapha


Click the below link to know the types of food to balance doshas in your body:


How To Understand Ayurvedic Body Types


Ayurveda has classified treatments into four main parts. They are cleansing or shodan; palliation or shaman; rejuvenation or rasayana; and mental hygiene or satva.




Why am I starting this blog on Ayurveda?


The main aim behind starting this blog is to make the world a better place. That might be a cliche, but that’s the real reason for starting this blog.


Everyone should understand and learn the importance of Ayurveda. It is because it is an ancient technique where thousands of Rishis have worked to help the whole of humanity. It does not cause any pollution or damage to other earth and humanity unlike the modern medications, which pollute and harm both humans and earth.

The last and the most important thing is to give you a better understanding of the life. When you practice Ayurveda, you will know the importance of life. It brings a sense of realization to the brain. It makes you think and stops from being prone to the adverse things in life.


In this blog, I will post the Ayurvedic techniques and medicines for treating the diseases. It includes:

Herbs that give instant relief.

Ingredients and how to prepare Ayurvedic herbs at home for various diseases.

Herbs and dietary measures for a healthy life.



By following this blog every day, and practicing the techniques, you will be able to overcome all the physical, mental and lifestyle issues. You will also be able to guide others, and everyone will see you as the man of understanding and intelligence.


Most of the people are busy with their lives and unable to prepare the Ayurvedic medications by your own, I have a solution. I will all also link the best Ayurvedic medicines available in the market.














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