As per Ayurveda, food affects the mind also by causing either an increase or decrease in the three qualities of mind, i.e., Satva guna, Rajo guna and Tamo guna. The food recipes can be classified as Satvika, Rajasika or Tamasika depending upon the effects. You can read more about the three gunas in my previous article Three Gunas

Importance of Diet
Diet plays a vital role in the maintenance of good health and in the prevention and cure of diseases. In ancient Indian scriptures, food has been compared with the God, (Annam Brahmam) since it is the main factor, which sustains and nourishes life. In Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta, Lord Krishna has compared himself with the digestive fire, which assimilates and digests all the four types of food in order to maintain the life.

Diet is given maximum importance in healthy as well as in diseased status. It is said in ancient Indian literature that if dietetics is followed, medicine is not needed and if dietetics is not observed, even medicines are not useful.

Each individual is recommended to follow specific diet & activities based on his prakruti.
Assess your prakruti by clicking the following links.

  • Vata prakruti
  • Pitta prakruti
  •   Kapha prakruti
  •        Personality through health 



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