Ayurvedic health benefits and uses of Drumstick


Drumstick has numerous health benefits in this post”We discuss only its Ayurvedic health benefits and uses of Drumstick”.


Other names of Drumstick

Moringa Oleifera, Sigruh, Sobhanjanah, Sahijan, Sheraga, Murunkai, Mmunaga, Muringa, Nnuggi and Murunga.

Roots, bark, leaves and seeds of drumstick are useful in the different Ayurvedic treatment.

Roots of drumstick are digestive, carminative, constipating and expectorant.

The bark of drumstick is thermogenic, abortifacient, antifungal, cardiac stimulant.

Leaves of drumstick are anti-inflammatory and anthelmintic.

Seeds of drumstick are anti-inflammatory and purgative.

Ayurvedic health benefits and uses of Drumstick

Stomach Ulcers

Take few leaves of drumstick and ground into a paste and mixed with curd and have it daily.

Sore throat

Make a fine paste of drumstick leaves and pinch of lime and apply it at the base of the throat at bedtime. Combine this treatment with salt water gargle.

Mouth Ulcers

Have drumstick leaves liberally to heal mouth ulcer.

Hiccough and breathing disorder.

Take leaves of drumstick and make a decoction from it and have it twice a day to get relief.

Running nose

Inhaling the vapour of the roots boiled in water to clear the nasal passages and bring out obstructing mucous.

Worm infestations

The decoction of the bark along with honey acts a good anthelmintic.

Unripe abscess

All the parts of the drumstick tree are useful in an abscess in which pus does not form. Drinking the bark decoction, eating the fruit, and making a topical application of the leaves are all highly beneficial.


Make a paste from the roots of drumstick and apply it to get relief from itching.

Urinary stones

Make a decoction of the peel of the roots and drink it thrice daily, to break down small urinary stones naturally.

Non-bleeding piles

The decoction of the bark is poured into a tub and the patient asked to sit in it in such a way that the pile masses are immersed in it. This done regularly prevents bleeding and shrinks the pile masses.

Increase Sexual Vigour

Make a preparation of a tsp of drumstick flowers, one egg white, two  dates, four grated almonds, of and pinch  saffron with some water. Take this recipe thrice a week for a couple of months to feel sexually active and vigorous.

Increase immunity and resistance

Prepare a curry with the leaves flowers and fruits of the drumstick tree  to prevent frequent infections.