Dates have numerous health benefits but in this post “Ayurvedic health benefits and uses of dates” we discuss how dates are used in different Ayurvedic treatments.


Other names of Dates

Phoenix dactylifera

Leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds of dates are used in different Ayurvedic treatments.

Leaves of dates are an aphrodisiac, hepato protective.

Flowers of dates purgative, expectorant, hepatic and febrifuge.

Fruits of dates are cooling, aphrodisiac, tonic, diuretic and anti-anaemic.

Ayurvedic health benefits and uses of dates

Cough and respiratory disorders

Take dates, raisins, pepper, saunph seeds, honey and ghee mix it all and make a paste of it. lick one teaspoon of this mixture twice a day to expectorate phlegm and calm respiratory spasms.

Dryness of mouth

At the end of an illness, the mouth becomes dry, sore making swallowing and talking difficult. To overcome this condition, make a paste of dates and raisins and coat the mouth with it. Hold the same paste in the mouth for a few minutes and eat it with honey and ghee.


Take dates and pepper powder and lick it with honey to arrest.


Excessive bleeding

Dates are cooling and bestow blood and are therefore ideal in bleeding conditions. Paste the fruit with honey and eat twice a day.


Soak dates n hot milk for a few hours and then take the preparation at bedtime to free bowel movements. Dates soaked in water make excellent diuretics.

Nervine tonic

Dates and raisins pasted with honey are excellent in nervous disorders and can be taken as a general rejuvenator.


Dates are also reported to be used in cases of memory disturbance.






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