Nerve dysfunction (weakness of nerve)

The human nervous system is the most complicated of all the systems in the world. People are still unable to reveal all the mysteries of the Human nervous system. The human nervous system consists of all the body’s nerves, which receive and send messages throughout the body. A healthy nerve system is an integral part of the overall well-being of the human body. Healthy nerves make certain organs are functioning properly which ensures the body is capable of sensing the external world.  The healthy nervous system is necessary for optimal mental functioning and psychological well-being.
A problem in one nerve or a problem affecting the overall operation of the nervous system is called weakness of nerve or nervous system. Some also called it as nerve dysfunction if it is a single nerve.


Causes of the weakness of nerve:


Nerve weakness or a Weak Nervous system can be caused by some diseases or due to nutritional imbalance or lifestyle issues. In this article, we discuss nerve weakness resulting from nutritional imbalances and lifestyle issues.
One of the primary cause of nerve weakness occurs due to lack of vitamin B complex and the main vitamin in that responsible is B12(Importance of B12).

Causes of Weak Nervous System.

Diet: Improper diet without including essential vitamins and proteins that are needed for a healthy nervous system.
Lifestyle issues
•          Unable to bear the tension will cause weakness in nerve.
•          Emotional and relationship problems like separation break up, and other personal issues cause a lot of mental stress which affects the human nervous system.
•          Financial problems too cause a lot of mental tension which results in nerve dysfunction.
•          Job stress like unable to reach targets in particular time, feeling insecure about the job, unsatisfied with the work environment, etc. Chronic job stress can have adverse effects on your health because it triggers the sympathetic nervous system




 Symptoms of the weakness of nerve:

Depression without any reason, trouble in learning, memory loss and numbness
Anxiety: If you feel anxious more often for no reason than it is warning signal that you are developing weakness in your nervous system.
Dizziness: If you feel Dizziness without having any major diseases is an indication of the weak nervous system.
Poor immunity: You are getting one or other disease within a short time. This shows that you have weak immune system. You need to have a health check of your nerves.
Lack of interest: If you feel the lack of interest in doing things or have a general lack of interest in life, also sometimes you have suicidal thoughts. It is almost a worse signal that you are suffering from the weak nervous system. You need to meet your doctor immediately.
How to prevent the nerve dysfunction:
Eating a healthy diet which includes B vitamins and other nutrients which are essential for the nervous system is the best way to avoid the weakness of nerves. In fact, nutritional deficiencies of some of the B vitamins can be a direct cause of nerve damage.
Identify the best food sources to include in your diet to keep your nervous system healthy. And ensuring a variety of protein and fat sources in your diet, including seafood, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains, is the way to get plenty of essential fatty acids and amino acids in for a healthy nervous system.
Ensure that your diet includes the following few time in a week healthy nervous system.
·        Milk and dairy products.
·        Fish and meat for non-vegetarians
·        Foods that have calcium and dry fruits like cashew nuts, Madam, sprouts (If you have acidity take boiled sprouts)
·        Green leafy vegetables and pumpkin seeds.

     A generous intake of fruits in the diet will enable a person to lead a healthy life. Fruits prevent all diseases, keep person smart, energetic and active throughout the life. All berries are rich in iron, phosphorous, sodium and it is beneficial for body building and nerve strengthening. The soothing qualities of pineapple and pomegranates are helpful in catarrh, high fever, in other chronic nasal and bronchial ailments.
     Moreover, certain fruits can combat specific diseases. It has been found that fruit sugars, calcium, iron, vitamin A, B-complex, and C control the gradation of heart energy. The phosphorus, glutamic acid, vitamin A and B –complex exert protective and tonic effects on the nerves. Hence, the  regular use of these fruits (apple, date, and mango) in the diet will sharpen memory and prevent nervous exhaustion, mental stress, hysteria, insomnia
Drink plenty of water and other fluids to prevent dehydration, which can cause confusion and memory problems.

 o    Take plenty of rest.

o    Develop a positive attitude by mingling with new people’s or joining a social group.

o    Oil massage is the best therapy to rejuvenate your body and nerves. Have your body massage with sesame oil and take a bath with hot water half an hour. You will feel rejuvenated and doing this daily will help in keep nerves healthy.

o    Avoid Damage to your mind by avoiding mental tension. Pranayama is the best prevention or cure for nerve weakness or any mental disorder.  Pranayama or meditation supplies the brain with the necessary nourishment and food, and for giving it proper exercise, rest and also for furnishing it with the necessary conditions for growth.

o    Identify your body type constitution and avoid vatta foods. Nerve weakness is caused due to vatta dosha.    Perform vatta-naashak mudra which reduces vatta dosha.

Ayurveda treatment for nervous dysfunction or nervous weakness:

Ayurveda   treatment for nerve weakness (Churanam for nerve weakness)

Ayurveda churanam for nerve weakness is prepared from vatta harana herbs.

Bala a vatta harana is used for activating the function of the nervous system by increasing blood circulation.

Ashwagandha herbs have stress-relieving component and bring excellent protective effects on human’s nervous system.

Kapiikachu(cowhage) seeds are used as a nerve tonic. Take seeds of Kapikachu and soak it in cow milk to purify the seeds. Dry the soaked seeds and make powder.

Black gram contains a broad range of nutrients and offers a whole host of health benefits for the immune system.

Method to prepare Ayurveda churnam/powder for Nerve weakness

Take 50 gm of Bala root (country mallow)root churanam/powder.
Take 50 gm of Ashwagandha root churnam/powder.
Take 50 gm of KapiKachu churnam/powder.
Take 50 gm of black gram black gram.
Mix well all the four churnam/powder and store it in the bottle.
Take a tablespoon of churnam and boil it in 50ml of water until it becomes 20 ml.  Take it twice daily to have healthy nerves.

Ayurveda medicines like Chawanprash and Chathurjatha Rasayanam are very useful to overcome nervous weakness.

Juice therapy to overcome nervous weakness:


Juices are very easy to digest and give you instant energy. Juice therapy is an easy method of treatment to strengthen your nervous system. Juices of Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Carrot and beet are very much beneficial to strengthen your nervous system.
Colour therapy or chromotherapy for nervous disorder
The green color is considered a color or harmony. It is useful for the treatment of the nervous condition. Green color rays are directly applied to the patient for a 30-minute duration is enough to get a good result. To know more about chromotherapy and click here.

Suggested Yoga Asana for Nerve weakness.

dwi pada vishrutha dhanurasana and dwi hasta vishrutha salabhasana.
Yoga poses like Back-stretching, Corpse, Headstand, Hero’s, Meditations Poses; Mountain poses, Warrior’s, standing stretch also poses very much beneficial in strengthening your nervous system. Badhapadmasana is very effective yoga asana to overcome nerves disorders and nerves weakness click here to know more about Badhapadmasana.

Pranayamas like Nadishodhana pranayama and kapalbhati pranayama are very useful to overcome nervous weakness and to strengthen the nervous system.


Mudra For Nervous disorders and weakness

Mudra works according to the principles of Ayurveda. Mudras are efficient to manipulate Doshas(Vata,Pitta and Kapha). It is so simple that anyone can do it and there is no need of any expertise to do it.

 Gyan mudra


Vaata-kaarak or Vaayan mudrā


To know more about these mudras click on the links.


Food and diet  to overcome nervous weakness:


It has been proved that a diet which contains seeds, nuts, and grains, vegetables and fruits will help to strengthen your nervous system.
Seeds, nuts, and grains to overcome nervous weakness.
They contain the germ the sexual power which is of vital importance for the lives of human beings and their health.Millet, wheat, oats, barley, brown rice, beans, nd peas are highly beneficial to strengthen the nervous system.
Vegetables: They are an extremely rich source of minerals, enzymes, and vitamins.
Fruits: Like vegetable fruits are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.
Include these foods in your diet to strengthen your nervous system.


Home Remedies For nervous weakness.

Home remedies like Garlic, Garlic Milk, Lemon, Nutmeg, The herb Chamomile and The herb Aloe.
Garlic: This vegetable should be cut into small pieces and taken with a teaspoon of honey with every meal. If you use it regularly, it will help to overcome nervous weakness.
Garlic milk: This juice can be prepared in two ways,  One is in cooked, and another is a uncooked state. The uncooked and natural form is the most effective than cooked. The Garlic milk is prepared by adding the pulp of the crushed garlic in uncooked buffalo milk.  The ratio is four cloves to 110 ml of milk. The another way is to boil the garlic in milk.
Lemon is the best home remedy to strengthen the nervous system. A regular use of lemon juice prevents the deposit of uric acid in the tissues.
Massage therapy for nerves weakness:
Ayurvedic or Yoga massages are very much beneficial to overcome nerves weakness. Massage is a passive exercise which will strengthen nervously. If you are not able to practice any physical exercise, then massage therapy is the best choice for you.
Ayurveda treatment like Panchakarma is very useful in this condition.
These are the natural treatment to overcome nervous weakness, do you know any other method of natural treatment to overcome nervous weakness. Let me know if you tried any natural treatment that helped you to overcome nervous weakness in the comments.
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