Ayurvedic treatment for hairloss
Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss

With the passé of time, more & more people are embracing Ayurvedic treatment for treating the problems of hair falls and hair losses. These instances steal one’s self-confidence and esteem and can lead to embarrassing situations. If offered adequate treatment at the right time, Ayurvedic treatment can generate a complete solution to these troubles.

Ayurvedic consideratio

As per the Ayurvedic principals, the problems of hair fall and hair losses are closely related to the type of the body and stability in the body-mind structure.  Ayurveda considers the human hair a byproduct of the process of bone formation. Tissues that is crucial for bone formation fosters the growth of human hair. AS per Ayurveda, hair fall is a problem that results out of PITTA DOSHA. In Ayurvedic scripts, hair troubles arise when the PITTA DOSHA get to an alarmingly high state.

Ayurvedic treatment is held in high regards for its effectiveness. The usual remedies to hair losses and falling hair in Ayurveda includes meditation, yoga, diet as well as the application of herbal products.

Hair Loss Treatment- Dietary recommendations as per Ayurveda

As hair falls and losses are the outcome of PITTA DOSHAS, you require identifying the unhealthy eating habits that make major contribution to enhancing the PITTA in the body.

PITTA gets enhanced if you drink tea, coffee or alcohols excessively. Chain smokers stand similar challenges as well. If you take meat in very high volume, you will experience a drastic rise in the PITTA level in your body. Individuals whose diet includes greasy, spicy, oily, and fires foods, use to have abnormally high level of PITTA.

Important D

  • Aloe Vera: Take about one-third cup of fresh Aloe Vera juice daily empty stomach. Alternatively, you can mix a teaspoon of Aloe Vera Gel with 2 pinches of cumin and take it before breakfast. You require applying this remedy for 90 days to get a complete solution to hair problems.
  • Drinking juices of fresh carrot, lettuce, Spinach and Alfalfa will even come highly effective to solve the hair troubles. It will be wise to include the juice in the breakfast menu.
  • Consuming a teaspoon sesame seed powder empty stomach daily will give you 100% solution to hair problems. Sesame seeds come loaded with calcium and magnesium.
  • Individual that consumes Yoghurt daily can control the hair fall and hair loss troubles effectively.
  • If you are looking for an effective solution to the problems of hair falls and hair losses, you need to include fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet. These items come loaded with fiber that holds magical properties to prevent hair fall.
  • You inevitably need to include yeasts, sprouts, buttermilk, nuts, soybeans, dairy products as well as whole grains in your diet plan. These items are rich sources for Vitamin B-complex and vitamin C as well as sulfur, Zinc and other useful fatty acids that can boost the health of your hair. Adopting these items, you can solve the hair problems within a while.
  • Toxins cause severe damage to your hair and hence, you need to eliminate toxins from your body. To accomplish this, you require drinking water profusely. Keeping the body hydrated will enable you to escape the skin diseases as well.
  • Alcoholic drinks come highly detrimental for hair. Hence, if you are facing troubles with hair, you inevitably need to refrain from consumption of such drinks

Ayurvedic Herbs that fights falling hair

  • BHRINGARAAJA: This Indian herb facilitates fast hair growth and it reverses premature graying and baldness. It even calms the mind and promotes the quality of sleep. You can take this herb internally as well as adopt external application in forms of herbal oil.
  • BRAHMI: This is yet another effective Herb for treating hair problems. You require mixing it with Curd and apply it as hair pack before bath.
  • Indian Gooseberry: It comes loaded with Vitamin C and can offer a delightful solution to the troubles of falling hair. This fruit is a wonderful antioxidant. You can apply oils of this fruit as hair message or can mix its paste with curd and apply on hair.
  • NEEM: One of the best agents to fight infections, NEEM is a gallant remedy against Lice and dandruff as well. In addition, NEEM even purifies the blood and eliminates toxins. You require forming a paste with fresh NEEM leaves and apply it on your hair. Alternatively, you can soak a few handfuls of fresh NEEM leaves in a large bucket of water and bathe with it.
  • RITHA: This fruit is the best natural shampoo that can treat hair falls, dandruff, and lice. You need to form a paste with these fruits and apply as shampoo. Apply this remedy 3 to 4 times a week for a few months.


Herbal and medicated oil messages


So fair Ayurvedic treatment for falling hair or hair losses are concerned, medicated and/or herbal oil massages are among the best remedies. You have got options like coconut oil, Hibiscus oil, Mustard oil as well as Arnica oil to choose from. These oils boost the hair follicle and hence, promote the rate of hair growth. You can even mix powders or extracts of herbs like NEEM, Indian Gooseberry, and Ritha to make the remedies stronger. You require massaging the hair with these oils before bathing. Regular application of these oils will promote hair health and will enable you to overcome the troubles of hair falls and hair losses within a short span of time.


The remedies and lifestyle modifications suggested in the paragraphs above have proven its worth in fight the hair troubles. It is especially relevant t state that these remedies and approaches offer comprehensive benefits to the health. Hence, you are ought to reap manifold benefits, should you embrace these recommendations. Most importantly, these remedies and natural and hence comes effective and safe to your health. Hence, you will do wisely if you embrace these remedies rather than opting for the artificial  and  synthetic formulations to fight the problems of hair fall and hair loss.

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