Meditation and Mudra Therapy For Anxiery
simple techniques to lose weight

Obesity is one of the biggest health problems of today. Our eating habits and our lifestyle have changed a lot. We are busy with no time for physical exercise and the development of technology reduces our physical work. All this leads to overweight.

Weight gain in women is a little different than in men. There are many reasons for being overweight or overweight in women. Let’s analyze why women wear more weight than men.
Your lifestyle is very different from humans. There are many problems for women who cause weight gain.

1. The khapa constitution causes overweight.
2. The imbalance of the periods also leads to overweight.
3. Another reason is PCO (polycystic ovarian syndrome). This defect causes it to gain weight.
4. The fourth reason is pregnancy. Women gain weight during pregnancy and can not exercise during and after birth, leading to weight gain.
5. Sleeping or taking a nap after lunch leads to natural weight gain for women. Sleeping immediately after eating leads to obesity.
6. Hypothyroidism is a major cause of obesity in women.

These are some important causes of obesity in women.

Well, look for some very simple but effective ways to lose weight.
Kapha’s mood leads to weight gain. Reducing Khafa’s mood in the body by stimulating Kapha’s mood feed, eating quark, sleeping after eating, and drinking milk and dairy products after lunch stimulates Kapha’s mood.

( Identify your body constitution click this link Personality through health or Identify Your Body Type based on Ayurveda)
Linga Mudra and  Surya mudra are the best mudras that produce heat to burn fat and also decrease Kapha humor.
Mudra For Obesity(Mudra to Lose Weight) 
Few health tips for weight loss:

1. Drink hot water before a meal; it reduces weight.
2. Don’t eat fast food and Junk foods.
3. Don’t eat stomach full.
4. Avoid dairy products.
5. Take ten grams of ginger daily it will burn fast in the abdominal area.
6. Physical exercise or Yoga are must to lose weight.
7.Take proper medication and exercise after delivery. Take care about the imbalance in periods and thyroid function.

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