Vrishya chikitsa, popularly known as Vajikarana is recognized to be one of the extensive virtues of Ashtanga Ayurveda. It is primarily linked to virility, aphrodisiacs. It helps to improve the health of future progeny as well. As per the Charak Samhita, Vajikarana herbs confer individuals with complexion, strength, potency and good physique. Thus, it helps in the treatment of Erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, infertility and other sexual dysfunctions. This therapy is recognized to be one of the well-renowned procedures for cleansing the body.


Vajikarana as a part of Ayurvedic treatment

Vajikaran essentially comprised of three kinds of components which are inclusive of:

Using vajikaran drugs containing formulations of aphrodisiac medicines which help in achieving the sexual objectives

A well-disciplined life style

Sexual act based on the assumption that sex is a prerequisite for better reproduction.

Vajikaran does not oppose the concept of sex. It states that sex helps in procreation. Thus, vajikaran is known to serve the functions of Moksha, Kama, Artha, and Dharma, together known as Purushartha Chatushtaya. They are beneficial for the procreation of sustainable species.

Benefits of Vajikarana herbs


Vajikarana herbs are considered to being an integral part of Traditional Herbal Medicine in the country of India as well as different parts of the world. These herbs are beneficial for the treatment of male infertility, premature ejaculation, lower Libido and erectile dysfunction at the same. These herbs render the best treatment for psychological problems that are caused by the above-mentioned diseases.


Rasayana is essentially an herb which aids in curing diseases. The youth of a person is maintained by the consumption of these herbs. Rasayana is also helpful in preventing symptoms of early aging. Thus, the herbs are indispensable in keeping a person active and healthy, both mentally and physically.

Vajikarana Rasayana for the treatment of sexual dysfunction

As per the Ayurvedic system of medicine, Vajikarana helps in curing the sexual disorder. Vajikarana medicine treatments assist in the promotion of mental and physical strength and health. They improve the defense mechanism of our body.

Who should not intake Vajikarana preparations

As the Ayurvedic system of medicine suggests, people less than 17 years of age and more than 70 should refrain from consuming these preparations. These preparations are recommended for “jitendriya Purusha” or people who have a prerequisite control on desires and senses. These herbs may be harmful to people who are “ajitendriya Purusha”. “ajitendriya Purusha” refer to men who have lost or no control over the desires and senses.

Proposed Mechanism of Actions

Vajikaran treatment helps in revitalizing the seven elements of the body. The Vajikaran herbs assist in restoring equilibrium and maintain the optimum health. As mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts, vajikaran renders an accomplished solution fo reducing the defects of ovum and sperm, also known as Shukra. It helps in ensuring a healthier progeny as well. Rasayana drugs assist in the modulation of the neuro-endocrine-immune system of human body. Vaajikaran rasayan is a special kind of Rasayana which plays an integral role in the improvement of the reproductive system. These herbs are beneficial in enhancing the sexual function at the same time. They act on the limbic system and hypothalamus of the brain. Vajikaran is also known for reducing stress. They have adaptogenic actions which help in the alleviation of anxiety which is linked with performance and sexual desire. Studies reveal that the administration of the vajikaran Rasayana herbs aid in modulating the levels of LH and FSH, the pituitary hormones.


Vajikaran Formulations

There are different kinds of Vajikaran Formulations which are mentioned below

Vrihani Gutika

The Vrihani Gutika formulation is known to have the highest potential. To prepare the same, roots of Saccharum munja of 120 gm weight, roots of Saccharum officinarium, Asteracantha longifolia, Hygrophila spinosa, Asperagus racemosus, Holostemma rheedianum, Diascorea bulbifera, Solanum indicum, Leptadonia reticulata, Boerhaavia diffusa, substitute Asparagus racemosus, substitute Pueraria tuberosa, aloe vera should be mixed with black gram (2.56 gram). Water almost 10.24 liter should be added to the same and cooked until the volume is decreased to one-fourth. Asperagus racemosus, Mucuna prurie, Piper longum, Ficus hispida, Vitis vinifera, Madhuca indika are added to the juice of Amalaki, Ikshu, Pippali, Ghee, Milk in the form of paste and cooked. The cooking is done till the water gets evaporated with Ghee remaining. Nagkesa, Ellataria cardamomum, Piper nigram, Piper longum, sugar, Piper nigram, Bambusa erandinacia, Cinnamomum zeyliicum are added to honey after which the mixture should be blended thoroughly. Blouses of 40 gm are also used in the preparation. The preparation should be in taken in accordance with the digestive capability of a person.

Vajikaranam Ghritam

This formulation is helpful in strengthening the male reproductive organ. Kapikachchhu, black gram, Jeevak, Rishbhak, Aloe Vera, roots of Asparagus racemosus, substitute Diascorea bulbifera, Madhuka indica, Withania somnifera should be added to water and then boiled. Ghee, Saccharum officinarium, Pueraria tuberosa are added to the mixture and then cooked on the mild fire. The preparation of ghee should be mixed with Pippali, Bambusa erandinacia, sugar. You should consume 40 g dose before meals.

Vrishya Gutika

The formulation is having high potential in aphrodisiac. Clarified butter or ghee is added to Vidari of almost 2.56 kg of juice which is then cooked. You should be adding 2.56 kg of ghee in a continuous manner. Next, Kapikachchhu seeds, Pippali, Saccharum officinarium, Bambusa erandinacia and sugar should be added after which the preparation of boluses are accomplished.

Upatyakari Shashtikadi Gutika

It is a special formulation of vajikaran which is used for increasing the fertility. The white shashtik rice is mixed with milk for making the rice wet. The mixture is grinded after addition of more milk which is squeezed afterward with the aid of a fine cloth. Cow milk is added to the same after which the mixture should be cooked.

Vajikaran is recognized to be one of the integral treatments of Ayurvedic system of medicine. It plays an integral role to improve the health of future progeny. It is useful to treat sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, infertility. Controlled trials of these medical formulations are beneficial to understand possible side effects and efficiency of the herbs.

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