Dandruff is a condition that Excessive shedding of dead skin from the scalp. Skin cells die and flake off, so a little amount of flaking is normal. The scalp skin dies and flakes off in every month, while in those suffering from Dandruff, this happens every two to seven days. Apart from being a physical problem, dandruff is also associated with social and self-esteem problems in many individuals.

Ayurvedic Remedies For Dandruff

Causes For Dandruff

Various of factors may lead to  dandruff in hair,

1. Over use of dry, cold, oily, spicy, and penetrating foods.

2. Hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands.

3. skins that are sensitive to seasonal changes.

4. Who live in a constant state of anxiety are prone to dandruff.

5. Excessive cosmetic hair treatments like  hair-conditioning and hair-coloring, using hair curlers, perms, and hair-bonding .


Symptoms Of Dandruff
1. The appearance of white flakes on the scalp.
2. Dryness of scalp.
3. Redness and irritation on the scalp.
4. The softness of the scalp skin.
5. Continuous itchy feeling on the scalp.
Ayurvedic View
According to the Ancient Ayurvedic texts, the problem of dandruff in the category of Shudra Roga, which appears due to an imbalance of all three Ayurvedic humor. The dominant doshas involved are Pitta and Vata. In an aggravated state, both the doshas cause the production of unique impurities, called ama, which are dry and heating in nature. These pollutants accumulate in the deep tissues of scalp and contaminate them. Contamination of the deep tissues and aggravated Vata-Pitta Dosha can cause itching and patches on scalp. Due to these factors, the scalp sheds larger than normal amounts of dead epidermal cells, which leads to the problem of dandruff.

The Ayurvedic line of treatment is to generally pacify Pitta and Vata through herbal medicines, as well as a tailor-made diet and lifestyle plan. Also, individual herbs are administered to cleanse the body of accumulated digestive impurities.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice
1. Wash hair regularly two to three times a week with a mild shampoo.

2. Massage your hair with oil every time before washing the head and hair.

3. Avoid spicy, greasy, hot and penetrating foods, junk food, and aerated drinks.

4. Have food with good nutritive value; include fiber-rich foods, salads, fruits, and lentils.

5. Do regular yoga and exercises to minimize stress levels.

6. Avoid scratching the scalp with hands or any other objects.

Home Remedies For Dandruff
1.Mix two to three teaspoons of coconut oil with one teaspoon of Indian gooseberry juice. Gently massage the scalp with this every day.
Add ten drops of lemon juice to 1 egg white and beat well. Apply to the scalp and hair once a week.
2. Mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice, one tablespoon mustard oil, and 1 cup yogurt. Apply this to the hair thirty minutes to 1 hour before washing the head and hair.
3. Soak fifty gm methi dana in two cups of water overnight, next day in the morning make the paste and apply on scalp for fifteen minutes.
Chew ten holy basil leaves, ten margosa leaves, and ten bael leaves  on an empty stomach early in the morning.

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