Wood apple has numerous health benefits. In this post, we discuss how it is used in different Ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurvedic Health Benefits Of Wood Apple

Other names of Wood Apple

Feronia elephantum, Elephant apple, Kapithah, Kaith, Kavatha, Vilankaymaram, Velagapandu, Vilarmaram and Bela.

The Bark, Leaves, Unripe and Ripe fruits of Wood Apple is used in different Ayurvedic treatments.

The bark of Wood apple is aromatic and cooling.

The leaves of Wood apple are aromatic, astringent, carminative, constipating, antiemetic, expectorant and cardio tonic.

The unripe fruits of Wood apple are sour, aromatic, astringent and constipating.

The ripe fruits of Wood apple are Sweet, sour, refrigerant, aromatic, anodyne, constipating, aphrodisiac, cardiotonic, antiscorbutic, expectorant and stomachic.

How Wood Apple is used in different Ayurvedic treatments

Bronchitis and hiccough

Make a decoction of the leaves and drink an ounce twice a day with honey to expectorate phlegm, clear airways and reduce irritability.

Heart ailments

Drink half an ounce of a decoction made of the wood apple leaves with milk every day to tone your heart.

Diarrhea and dysentery

Woodapple is constipating in nature and is used with great benefits in an upset stomach. Soak the fruit in water for an hour and mash the fruit in the same water before drinking. This quickly arrests diarrhea and restores digestion.

Bleeding conditions

The ripe wood apple is a rich source of Vitamin ‘C’  and can be given as such in bleeding gums or any excessive bleeding condition. It can also be fried in ghee.


Soak the ripe wood apple in water and drink the water after a couple of hours with some sugar. This relieves burning sensation and pain accompanying urination. This preparation also quenches long-standing thirst.


Make an infusion of bael and wood apple and drink it every day to relieve piles.


Juice the tender leaves of wood apple, add pepper powder and honey and lick this preparation from time to time suppress nausea and vomiting.


Grind a few coriander seeds with the leaves of wood apple and apply to skin patches to lighten them.


Eat the pulp of a ripe wood apple with honey and saunph seeds to remove distaste and improve taste sensation.

White discharge

juice the leaves of wood apple and bamboo or powder the dried leaves and take them with honey.


Crushing tender of wood apple in the palm and sniffing it up the nostril arrests hiccough immediately.

These are the major uses of Wood Apple in Ayurvedic treatments.







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